Power Fasteners vs. Normal Fasteners

While Fasteners are quoted as the “Holding Agents” of any particular project, building or machinery, there is more to the role they play in the durability of the whole structure. Every type of fastener got its own relevance in accordance to the desired project and that’s what makes them the perfect partner of any Infrastructure. So when we are talking about Fasteners, we shouldn’t forget to mention Power fasteners as they are being said as the most sturdier and stronger amongst the rest in the list. Power fasteners are those that are specifically designed to endure extreme conditions and are manufactured as per the most tough quality standards in order to efficiently perform the job of a perfect fastener. These fasteners often work to the conditions where all other fasteners fail to do the required Job.


Power fasteners are fasteners that are made of specific specialized materials like hardened stainless steel and at times the fastener needs to be electroplated along with a corrosion resistant metal or element such as zinc or titanium. Power fasteners are generally used and utilized in heavy metal industries and in construction industry where the general fasteners won’t be able to offer the required efficiency and durability. Threaded stud fasteners and hammer drive fasteners are some of the perfect examples of power fasteners that are being created from special steel alloys and then austempered (the same procedure used to strengthen Iron and steel). Power fasteners always come as a winner where safety and quality holds the precedence above any other factor.

Moreover, the usage of Normal fasteners is not recommended where only Power fasteners can solve the purpose because normal fasteners doesn’t stand anywhere in front of Power fasteners when it comes to their Strength and durability. Their heat resistant tendency makes them the ultimate choice for industries that have Manufacturing procedures, where fasteners are required to withstand tremendous amount of heat and pressure. Steel and iron industries are one of the examples where power fasteners are used just to ensure that they don’t collapse because of the heat. Titanium fasteners can also be included in the category of power fasteners because titanium is stronger than steel and more lighter in weight. The same fasteners are also used in various surgical procedures for different purposes due to their corrosion resistant nature and as they do not result in any chemical reaction with blood or any body tissue while getting implanted in human body. Titanium fasteners also got a big role to play in the airline industry because of their high usage in the same due to their lightweight and durability factors. Moreover titanium fasteners are also used in Grand prix race car where wheels are fixed with them to reduce weight and to ultimately enhancing the efficiency part of the whole engine during the Race. So it can be concluded that Power fasteners often provide solutions for all those purposes where normal fasteners doesn’t really help in the required situation and often lead to a collapse or damage to the machine.