STL manufactures high tensile fasteners for the automotive industry catering to passenger cars, two wheelers, commercial vehicles, agri equipment and construction equipment manufacturers.
We address the demands of a dynamic market environment in accordance with quality standards and environmental regulations. Responding to the needs of prominent OEM and Tier 1 players worldwide, we offer a variety of surface finishes such as Zinc Phosphating, Zinc Plating and Dip Spin Coating on fasteners. We use leading brands for coating finishes on fasteners, such as Geomat™, Magni™ and DeltaProtekt™ of which Geomet™ and Magni™ are done in-house.
We classify our fasteners into four categories and these can be manufactured to suit customer requirements.
Standard Fasteners

Special Fasteners
Chassis Fasteners
Engine Fasteners
M6 to M22 and equivalent inch series
General Specifications for Fasteners
Diameter Range – M5 to M28
Length range – 10mm to 300mm
Heat Treatment Grades – 7T, 8.8, 9T, 10.9, 11T, 12.9 and 14.9
Surface Finishes – Zinc Plating with Trivalent Chrome, Zinc Plating with Hexavalent Chrome, Zinc Phosphating, Zinc Flake Coating (Geomet and Magni)