Over the years, garnering valuable expertise and understanding of customer requirements, stl has established itself as a favoured supplier to major oems in india as well as in many destinations overseas.
Our long experience and insights have given us the means to serve the needs of the market with clarity and focus. We provide full traceability from quote to delivery, providing access to the STL product range all across India, and overseas in Europe, USA, South America and the Middle East. Through our well-established dealer network, we have widened our reach to come closer to our customers. Leading automobile companies in India and abroad have firmly placed their trust in our product range for all these reasons.
Domestic Aftermarket
We have regional offices in Chennai and Pune and residential representatives across India, which have allowed us to interact closely with automobile dealers, fleet owners and mechanics across the country. Constantly in touch with the needs of various channels, we keep abreast of the changes in the industry.
STL caters to the commercial vehicle, passenger car and agri-equipment segments in the aftermarket. We have distributors located across most states in India, supplying to the aftermarket. Yearly agreements are negotiated with distributors across various states of India.
Over and above the Domestic OE sales and the aftermarket in India, STL has an indelible presence in the exports market around the world. For our export customers, we have sales representatives in the EU and the USA. STL’s ambitious plans aim to leave a lasting footprint all over the country and worldwide by strengthening and maintaining our presence in these segments.
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Dealer Network