Fasteners Suppliers – Quality Scores Over Quantity

ENGINE-FASTENERSQuality over quantity is a simple concept that we getting through since past many years in almost every aspect of Today’s Business needs. But on the other part of the story, it’s really hard to implement this “Quality over Quantity” theory in the business establishments which are established to make money as quickly as possible and at the highest possible margins. Crafting single high quality products tends to be expensive and time consuming, and must be sold at much higher, less attractive prices to the average consumer in order to be profitable. Lower quality work, produced quickly in outsourced factories with a minimal time commitment per product, tends to be far more profitable, with higher margins as well as a lower, more attractive price point for consumers. The Same theory lies with Fasteners Industry as well.

Fasteners are the holding power in any Application

With the naked eye, it may look like the big machines, steel and wood are the base materials of any construction project or Application, but it’s a well known fact to the experts that the most essential parts are the bolts and nuts which holds any application together. Although materials for a construction job have to be durable and strong and machines have to perform at high efficiency, without fasteners holding everything together, there wouldn’t be any towers, houses, bridges or garages. The construction industry relies on bolts and nuts in every project and that’s why quality is so important.

Why Quality more important in Bolts and nuts?

Safety at Risk due to Low grade Fasteners

Bolts and nuts made from low-grade materials or manufactured cheaply are weak and may cause danger to the structure they supporting. Damaged roofs, walls, bridges due to inferior fasteners put even a human life into danger. Broken, rusted or cracked nuts and bolts may become life threatening if a structure falls apart.

Performance matters

It’s worth mentioning here that every part of a particular building, from the roof to the sub-levels, performs a crucial job and without quality bolts and nuts, it will ultimately fail. While a roof is supposed to shed the home and a constructed bridge has to hold up to the constant weight and traffic of automobiles, the right types of materials for each job ensure that they can do what you expect them to, but the right fastener design guarantees conventional performance. Choosing lower quality nuts and bolts to reduce costs causes problems as they depreciate or don’t form a tight seal between materials.

Impact on Durability

While a construction project is required to perform its designated purpose, it also needs to be durable and last through all conditions. If we keep putting all the efforts, money and time into a construction project only to have it suffer damage due to inferior bolts can require costly repairs later. Poor quality fasteners are subject to cracks, breaks, rust and wear than high-quality nuts and bolts and aren’t worth saving on initial costs. A completed construction project with time-tested, high-quality fasteners can have a safe, long life expectancy.

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