Striving for sustainable operational excellence, STL invests in its facilities on an ongoing basis to ensure that we stay at the forefront of fastener manufacturing. Our Technical Center cum Research Facility is geared towards improving our understanding of fasteners and providing a better quality product to the customer. We have installed state of the art testing equipment like Torque testing, Fatigue testing and Vibration testing which are instrumental in keeping the quality of the product in line.
A list of all equipment used for our research is tabulated:
  • Fatigue Testing Machine
    Tests critical engine parts to determine the life of the bolt under dynamic loads.
  • Torsion testing Machine
    Checks the torque and friction characteristics of a bolt.
  • Cyclic corrosion Testing Machine
    Stimulates the salt spray life of a fastener tested under varying conditions of temperature and humidity.
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
    Checks the constituents of plating chemicals periodically.
  • Vibration Test Rig
    Checks the anti loosening properties of fasteners.
  • X-Ray Fischer Scope
    Used to check the coating thickness of plated fasteners.