Wire Drawing Plant

All the contributed raw material required for producing fasteners gets processed before being used at both the fastener manufacturing facilities At STL’s Wire Processing Plant in Faridabad.
Different types of steel within the provided categories are selected to manufacture fasteners, which further depends on the part to be manufactured. This raw material is acquired from recognized and permitted sources of suppliers in the form of wire rods. These rods further come from suppliers in the form of coils. The following raw materials get used in order to manufacture fasteners-
  • Low carbon steel
  • Boron steel
  • Medium carbon steel
  • Alloy steel
The process followed is outlined below:
  • Wire Rods are received at the Wire Drawing unit
  • Incoming inspection of rods is carried out using various tests
  • Operations such as Pickling, Phosphating, Drawing and Annealing are done depending upon the requirements
  • These finished wires are then inspected and shipped to the other facilities