5 Ways to Maintain Custom Stainless Steel Fastener Performance

Stainless Steel Fastener

Stainless Steel FastenerWhen we talk about Fasteners, Stainless steel fasteners stays as one of the best options to be used in any application. They are well known for their strength, corrosion resistance and durability. It’s only through the knowledge of the correct custom stainless steel fasteners, their application and maintenance that will guarantee faultless performance. The Person handling the same should be educated as to the correct expectations for stainless fasteners. While talking about Ways to Maintain Custom Stainless Steel Fastener Performance; we shall keep following points in Mind:

1. The Right Stainless Steel Grade: If we talk about the best stainless steel grade to look for in fasteners, its 303 SS. This is the most common grade for screw machining. Grade 316 has a higher corrosion resistance level than 304. However, this also means that 316 will be more expensive and the maintenance requirements will be higher than Grade 304. Grade 304 has properties best suited for welding. Hence, make sure you get the right grade of stainless steel for your application.

2. Right Tools for Installation to be used: If the performance of a custom stainless fastener needs to be enhanced, we need to ensure that the tool settings and the holes are adjusted and created to the specifications of the fasteners. If the setting is too small the fastener may not get installed properly. Same way if the slotted hole is too big, the fastener can become loose causing the equipment to disconcert.

3. The Thread should be Lubricated before Installing: At times during installation, the threads of the fastener get stuck and may suffer from galling. This happens most of the times due to excess force applied on threads which can affect the fastener’s performance. To avoid this situation threads should be lubricated with oil to prevent any interference during installation.

4. Maintain a Proper Cleaning Schedule: Contamination can negatively impact stainless steel fasteners. The Performance and Durability of Stainless steel reduces after being exposed to other materials, moisture, dirt and vapor. This could well lead to frequent fastener replacement if not supervised properly. To get the same avoided, a proper cleaning schedule shall be maintained. Moreover, the cleaning fluid should be such that it shouldn’t moist the fasteners and Keep them dry while protecting them from vapors emanating from equipment or from outside the facility.

5. Monitoring the Fasteners: If the fasteners undergo any kind of wear, there are chances that they become loose impacting their overall performance. Therefore a monitoring schedule should be prepared for getting the employees inspecting the fasteners from time to time. If you find a loose fastener the same can be looked after or replaced if required.


These are few of the solutions that can help you with the maintenance of custom stainless steel fasteners and in turn a better performance from them. If you need more details about the same or any further queries about Fasteners, feel free to get in touch with us on our website STL – Stainless Steel Fasteners in India.